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TabooFirst Time

Rachel was so gorgeous! How was I going to be around her for two weeks and not try to seduce her? Just looking at her made my hormones flow out of control. My wife’s best friend since c***dhood, Pat, was coming to Florida to spend two weeks with us and see the sights like the Space Center, Disney World, and the beautiful sandy beaches. The only problem was that she was bringing her eighteen-year-old daughter, Rachel, the most gorgeous redhead I'd ever seen! Her hair was long and straight with cute bangs and she had c… Read more

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Extreme Spunk-Guzzling Condom-Cuckold


Story No. 2 Never in my wildest-fantasies, did I imagine that my obsession with used-condoms and humiliation would see me sink to the depths of cowering in an escort's bathroom, secretly devouring the sperm from ten of her client's used-condoms. In my defence, just prior to this sordid little episode, I had been diagnosed with sperm-addiction (a self-diagnosis, admittedly). Ironically, what made this experience even more deliciously-depraved for me, was the fact that I was seeing a counsellor for sex-addiction at the time and I got a huge kick out of divulging my sordid secrets to her, in exp… Read more

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Cuckold rally virgin!


Rally Virgin, utter humiliation! This happened in the mid-90's, when I was going out with a very beautiful little Goth chick. I was only just getting into the biker scene, and I was a bit young and naive, I suppose. My girlfriend of the time, Nici, was already a longtime rocker, into the rally scene too, and had friends in many clubs. I loved her madly; she was a part time model, and was really sexy and petite, with long dark hair and the prettiest face imaginable, plus perfect little round boobs and a girlish, slim figure. She had a harder edge to her, though; she was quite outgoing and s… Read more

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Teaching a Teenager about Sex

First TimeMasturbation

Terry was a cute little thing and was so eager to learn about sex. When my wife and I first met, she had just become a nurse and was rooming with her best friend, Pam. Pam was gorgeous and my future wife was gorgeous, so I had to choose between them. Which one would I ask out? I chose Jennifer because she was a natural blonde with blue eyes, had a terrific body, and was a push-over when it came to getting her into bed. That was twenty years ago and my wife and Pam are still best friends. We don’t have any c***dren, but… Read more

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Daddy's Facebook

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

It all started innocently enough. I merely wanted to make sure my daughter Kerri was doing okay emotionally and keep an eye on the kinds of people she was hanging out with. I didn't really think too much about it, although I knew if she found out what I had done, she would be furious that I had violated her privacy. But I'm getting ahead of myself, so I had better start from the beginning. I was a popular school teacher at a fairly large high school -- we had approximately 2,200 students.. It wasn't uncommon for students to graduate and still not know many of their classmates. My daughter, wa… Read more

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A soprano and a tenor

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What do you do if you are stupidly rich, I mean way up the world rich list? Well for men, fuck beautiful women for a start would be a frequent answer. I am no exception and I thought this as I wrapped my legs around a gorgeous busty red-head who was stark bollock naked. Though I should mention that she was my fiancé. Also one of the rising stars amongst operatic sopranos. I was dragged into her magnificent bust to my evident pleasure. Running my hands down her back I pulled her sopping wet fanny onto my cock. Victoria gyrated enthusiastically driving us both wild, which of us had an orgasm fi… Read more

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Pauline The Slut - Part 38: MOTHER AND DAUGHTER


The other arrived back from shopping. The girls ran upstairs to try on their new outfits while my husband, mother and Anne came out to the beach. My husband looked down at Linda and smiled his appreciation. She sat up and tried to cover her body. “Lie back down slut and spread your legs” he ordered. She hesitated too long and my mother slapper her across the face. “Do what your told dear. It’ll make life easier for everyone.” She lay back down and spread her legs. My husband took out his phone and took some photos. He then just stood there with the phone in his hand. My mother and I went… Read more

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Me, my wife and a Amish man 3-way fantasy

TabooMatureGroup Sex

This idea came to me the night before as the wife and I laid in bed, I asked her if she would like to invite our Amish neighbor over for supper tomorrow night since his wife was out of town. She said of course why not. I then said I wanted her to seduce him, she kind of chuckled and then said "Are you serious?" Absolutely, I told her. "How?" she asked and this is how my fantasy starts........ .........The next afternoon I called....(lets call him Vernon, age 53,5'7" and his hair is completely white)....to see if he would like to come over for supper, he said "That would be nice since his wife… Read more

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What's The Hottest Thing You've Ever Don

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What's the hottest thing you've ever done? Recently, a friend asked me that question. After some thought, I decided that any of these 3 scenarios would qualify. They are 100% absolutely true and I was delighted to experience each of them. 1) My first experience with a Transgender Gurl was at age 16. "He" was a neighbor of mine and we were the same age. His birth name was Gerry, but in her female persona, she preferred to be called Jeri. Jeri was beautiful with long wavy blonde hair past her shoulders, blue eyes, was tan all over, and had incredibly sexy legs (a weakness of mine). Jer… Read more

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WIFEY WANTS A BOYFRIEND!!! (Further details includ

Group SexMasturbationBDSM

WOW WOW FUCKING WOW!!! Hottest night of the year for me, EASILY. So...quick recap: Wifey and I were relaxing/watching TV earlier and we started to discuss some of her KIK "relationships" and some of the guys that she finds interesting/attractive. This isn't all that uncommon for us, and it may not even sound like an "update" worthy of sharing here given the countless number of other couple-related stories/experiences you may stumble upon throughout your day. If you're currently reading this and starting to feel that way, I don't blame you whatsoever -- I would feel the same. So...what happene… Read more

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I Want to be Daddy`s Gurl

AnalGroup SexHardcore

"Next time I want to film it." I said, wiping my face and licking the cum from my fingers. "You want me and Daddy to record us fucking that sissy ass? This just for you, or you gonna post it on the internet?" Sir asked. "I have a profile on this site where you can post pictures and videos. I've only got nude pictures of myself on there, so far. But I've always wanted to put a video up of me getting fucked." I said as I licked the last bit of cum off my fingers, savouring the taste of Daddy and Sir's collective load. I stretched out on the bed. I was on my back, facing upward, staring at Daddy… Read more

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Submission & Commitment

Gay MaleFetishBDSM

[ This is a story written upon request of BigDaddyJ. I hope this does justice to what you were suggesting! The over all theme is the inner, emotional (and sexual) dynamic between an alpha male, and a beta male. ] After all the numerous on-line chats Jay and I had had (beginning over a year ago), we'd never managed to meet face to face. But that was about to change; and as I drove to the small town several hours from where I lived in order to meet him, I was very excited! The plan (or so I was hoping) was for me to suck his cock. He'd made it clear that I could not hope for him to 'return th… Read more

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The aura of a bengali woman part 4

First Time

As I already said it's a adolescent story and first time... Hlw everyone this is the part 4 where the 3 part end with me and richa di in my room in afternoon ..and when I woke up I saw richa di was talking in phone with her hubby and after few minutes she came and said that her mom dad and her sister coming tomorrow in their apartment the had gone somewhere else before richa di came from her inlaw house and she was staying with us for that time. She-tui ki bolchili dupura amader nia Me-hmm.about periods She-hmm..na toka secret meyera nijer body compare kora onno meyadery dakha Janis..prochu… Read more

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A kiss goes a very long way.


I am a nice guy happily married but my frigid wife is completely unaware of my fetish of fingering and fucking really old ladies. They must be at least 65 and I have found the simplest way to get into their knickers starts with a simple kiss. Of course, fulfilling my fetish desires was never easy so when I was laid off I thought how I could get closer to my desires. I was so obvious I would retrain as a care worker. I took four months and I also undertook the standard checks, so I was squeaky clean. But instead of working for a company and getting crap wages, I went freelance. It took a while… Read more

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Fanny Hill: Letter the First - Part 4

First TimeHardcore

MEMOIRS OF A Woman of Pleasure. Letter the First - Part 4 To this purpose were the reflections of the whole day, of which every minute seemed to me a little eternity. How often did I visit the clock! nay, was tempted to advance the tedious hand, as if that would have advanced the time with it! Had those of the house had the least observations on me, they must have remarked something extraordinary from the discomposure I could not help betraying; especially when at dinner mention was made of the charmingest youth having been there, and stayed breakfast. “Oh! he was such a beauty!... I… Read more

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Family Vacation On The Hills

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

Family Vacation On The Hills By: Londebaaz Chohan A rainy dreary dark Sunday morning. Lorraine was spending one of her annual 2 weeks’ vacation with her family in the cabins on the hills. Mom and Dad had gone to church and not expected to return before noon time. Weston and Lorrie were left behind by themselves in the cabin with nothing much to do. If it were not raining, they could go for a hike but it was literally pouring outside. The car was taken by the parents and they could not even go to town either. The place had no entertainment as such inside. Suddenly Weston turned to Lor… Read more

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Gut Busters -When a Sissy’s in Heat…Who Ya Gonna C

AnalInterracial SexMature

Gut Busters -When a Sissy’s in Heat…Who Ya Gonna Call by Cy. Black Randy Sorenson considered himself a bit of a beach-bum. Born and raised on the beaches of Southern California by his very well-off parents, he lacked for very little throughout his c***dhood. His mother a very successful art curator, and his father a massively successful movie director, afforded the young, below shoulder-length, curly, blonde haired, blue-eyed youth to simply lay back on a beach and soak up the sunshine with his deeply rich tanned skinned. When his mother passed away after she lost a bout with cancer, Randy’s… Read more

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La Macarena - Part 3

Group SexVoyeurMature

It was 11.30 and I went to our room where C was waiting for me. Other couples also moved to different places, near the swimming pool or one of the play rooms they have there. So nobody noticed why I went to our room. When I arrived C was there with the waiter. When I entered he got up from a chair and gave me a kiss on my cheek. C asked us if we would like a drink, i said a Rosé for me and the waiter said: for me also, thank you…. C went to the bar and left us alone for a few minutes. We did not say anything and he approached me to kiss me on my mouth now. The kiss took several minutes and mea… Read more

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The German Way

First TimeTabooFetish

“I’m horny” Gabbi said in her strange German accent. She was looking over the pile of school books spread out on the kitchen table. “Do you want to watch some porn?” It was the late nineties and my first year in high school, Gabbi had only arrived in school about two weeks ago, the English teacher had made her sit beside me. She was different to all the other girls, although she was tall slim and blonde, she dressed and looked completely different. While most of the girls wore short skirts or skin tight jeans, Gabbi dressed in combat style pants, doc boots, she always wore a studded belt, and… Read more

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Less than a minute after I had finished jerking off in the basement den, my sister, Lauren, walked in on me with a stern, disapproving look on her face. I scrambled to cover myself and think of some sort of face-saving story. It was pretty pointless though. She strode over to my position on the couch, still dressed in her scrubs from her job as a nurse at Bayard University Medical Center. Lauren didn't say a word. Instead, she bent down and scooped up a dollop of my cum on her right index finger. "Look, I don't care if you masturbate," she scolded. "But you didn't even put down a towel. Jesu… Read more

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